What we do and how we do it.

Our services are geared toward enhancing our client’s reputation and increasing brand presence and visibility.
We want out client’s voice to be heard, understood and most importantly to be authentic to who they are.

We want to tell YOUR story.

PR & Earned Media
The job of earned media is to create brand awareness with ‘non-paid’ media coverage. Media are always on the lookout for informative and relevant data that tell a unique story, which is where we come in. Our job is to package content that generates the interest of both the media and a brands target audience, so we can secure print, broadcast, and digital media coverage. Unlike paid-for advertising, earned media involves pitching story ideas, interview proposals and press releases into media. Published content then lends a great deal of credibility to the brand, while frequency of coverage adds to a company’s SEO ranking.


  • Media ready press releases
    Thought leadership articles
    Research and market surveys
    Physical and virtual launch events
    Influencer relations
    Speaker opportunities

Owned Media
Owned media refers to content created for your brand that you own that lives on your company platforms.  It plays an important role in SEO as well as lending credibility as industry thought leaders. What’s great about this content is that it provides a space for your authentic voice to be heard in a way that can be packaged directly around your messaging.

Company videos
Mailers and newsletters
Website content